Official Handover of the Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Oloya Stephen to Mr. Kisembe Grace

Mr. Oloya Stephen (Right) handing over office tools to Mr. Kisembe Grace(Left)


The outgoing Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Oloya Stephen officially handed over office to Mr. Kisembe Grace. He took over office of Chief Administrative Officer Kyegegwa on 09th July, 2018 from Ms. Sanyu Phionah who is now in Kabarole District. Mr. Stephen has been transferred to Bunyangabu District as there Chief Administrative Officer

The incoming Chief Administrative Officer Kyegegwa, Mr. Kisembe Grace has been transferred from Lwengo District.

In his speech, he recognized the following in a special way:

Very good performance

  1. Mr. Buhanga Joseph - Chief Finance Officer very good professional conduct and following all reporting time lines
  2. Mr. Asiimwe Stephen - District Education Officer very good stewardship of the department and ensuring timely accountability
  3. Mr. Kyamanywa Vincent - District Internal Auditor very good management support service in ensuring internal controls are adhered too
  4. Ms. Katusabe Beatrice - Deputy Chief Administrative Officer very good leadership in the commemoration of the 43th NRM Liberation day
  5. Mr. Busobozi Denis - District Planer very good professional skills in development planning for the district
  6. Mr. Agaba Hillary - Principle Assistant Secretary for very good coordination of DRDIP program with integrity
  7. Ms. Karugaba Moreen - Ag.Secretary to CAO very good professional work ethics and resilience

Good performance

  1. Dr. Kandole Tedson  - Ag.District Health Officer good professional leadership during COVID 19
  2. All Senior Assistant Secretaries for good leadership in project support and sub county COVID19 taskforces meeting
  3. Ms. Nakachwa Perpatual - District Production officer for good professional conduct and stewardship of the department
  4. Mr. Kasaija Kalya - Community Development Officer good professional conduct and stewardship of all the programs in the Departments
  5. Mr. Nsaba Emmanuel - Senior Procurement officer good professional conduct in handling procurement business and timely reporting
  6. Dr. Baluku Richard - Ag.District Engineer for good engineering supervision for all infrastructure works of the district and
  7. Recommended Natural resources Department is for improvement 

Exceptional performance is registered by

  1. Mr. Busiinge John - Senior Personnel Officer/Ag PHRO exceptional performance in management of the payroll with integrity
  2. Ms. Nanyoni Agnes - DRDIP Accountant for instituting good internal controls
  3. Ms. Kamanyire Mercy - UNHCR Accountant for instituting good internal controls and timely reporting
  4. Ms. Nakyanzi Sefuroza - District Forestry Officer for effective project support service
  5. Mr. Mwesige Hussein - Senior Education Officer exceptional professional conduct
  6. Mr. Nyakabwa Augustine - Senior Probation and welfare officer exceptional management of recovery of YLP
  7. Eng. Katusabe Christopher - District Water Office exceptional professional engineering conduct
  8. Dr. Yefti Martin - Senior Medical Officer Kyegegwa HCIV for exhibiting exceptional professional medical conduct especially in clinical operation
  9. Mr. Rujumba Peter - CAO's Driver exhibiting good professional driving conduct and resilience
  10. Mr. Bamwenda Ramadhan - Parish Chief in charge ACDP Rwentuha sub county for exceptional mobilization
  11. Mr. Mugisa Robert - District Commercial Officer providing professional leadership in LED
  12. Mr. Kayondo Geofrey - Sub County Chief of Rwentuha for spearheading market construction through LED initiative
  13. Dr. Mugabe Ronald - District Surveillances focal person for exhibiting professional conduct in COVI-19 management
  14. Mr. Kasiaja Kalya - Community Development Officer for exceptional performance in corporate leadership such Team Building. 

Service provider

Good performance is also recognized among the service providers particularly for the meticulous performance by;

  1. The Contractor for Kazinga Primary School funded by DRDIP for exceptional work
  2. Muzinduki trading company limited for effective fuel supply especially in difficulty.

Other leaders

  1. The RDC Kyegegwa for exhibiting a very high level of leadership with integrity
  2.  The Chairperson Kyegegwa District Women Council for exhibiting exceptional mobilization of women
  3. District Police Commander Kyegegwa for exhibiting exceptional professional teamwork
  4. Chairperson Standing Committee for Natural resources and production for leadership with integrity
  5. All development partners for supporting the district development programs namely, UNHCR, MTI, URC, SiC, IRC, OXFAM, WAR CHILD HOLLAND, PEACE WIND,BARLOR UGANDA,UNFPA ,WFP, ADRA and 
  6. All the line MDGs, particularly OPM 

Attached is the detailed Handover Report:


Tuesday, July 21, 2020