Illuminating Lives: Ngangi Community Solar Project Sparks Transformative Change

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The Ngangi Community Solar Project, funded in 2020 with 58,384,161 Ugandan Shillings, brought light and technological innovation to Ngangi village in Kisiita parish, Wetege watershed, Kakabara town council, Kyegegwa district.

Executed by Advanced Solar Power Company Limited in September 2022, the initiative provided solar systems to 41 households for lighting and phone charging.

Managed by the community, the project leadership includes Kisembo Ramadhan (Chairperson CPMC), Kamakune Norah (Secretary), and Tumusime Stephen (Treasurer).

Ngangi village is one of the beneficiaries of this transformative solar project.

Implemented in September 2022, the solar project has illuminated lives and empowered the community to embrace sustainable energy practices.

The solar systems, comprising a battery, solar panel, bulbs, and wiring, were installed in each household. Three Trainers of Trainers (TOTs) from Ngangi community were equipped to maintain and repair the solar systems, promoting self-sufficiency and empowering the community with valuable skills.


Complete Household Installation: Forty-one households now enjoy complete solar systems, providing ample security lighting during the night.

"The solar lights have not just brightened our nights; they have illuminated a path to progress and self-reliance." – Kebisembo Mary, Ngangi Community.

Beneficiaries now have sufficient security lighting, transforming their living conditions.

Capacity Building Through Trainers of Trainers (TOTs): Three TOTs trained in solar system installation have become innovators, playing a vital role in repairing systems within and beyond the community. This has enhanced their capacities and income generation.

"Being a TOT has not just been about fixing solar systems; it's about empowering our community and contributing to a brighter future." – Kisembo Robert, Ngangi Community.

Economic Empowerment: Solar systems have allowed beneficiaries to access free phone charging, enabling them to redirect saved money towards other enterprises like goat rearing.

"Now, the money we save from charging our phones freely is invested in growing our enterprises. It's a step towards financial independence." - Tumusime Stephen, Ngangi.

The project has also significantly reduced the distance and costs associated with phone charging, enhancing convenience for community members.

Community-Led Business Expansion: Beyond benefiting the project participants, the solar initiative has become a business for households outside the group, contributing to group savings.

"The solar project is not just a light in our homes; it's a beacon of progress reaching beyond our community." - Kisembo Ramadhan, Chairperson CPMC.

The successful implementation of the solar project reflects a transfer of technology from implementing partners to the community, fostering self-reliance.

Increased Saving Culture: The project has instilled a heightened saving culture and ownership of enterprises among Ngangi community members, marking a positive shift from pre-DRDIP years.

In conclusion, the Ngangi Community Solar Project has not only brightened homes but has also illuminated a path towards community empowerment, economic upliftment, and sustainable living.


A community member (right) receiving a solar system

Published by: Baingana Samuel

Communications Officer